A Washington-based consulting firm focused uniquely on the public and private sector policy environment with regard to research, development and implementation of new health care technologies including:

  • Emerging information and telecommunications technologies for health care administration, bio-medical research, consumer health, alternate site and remote care delivery, teaching and training, telemetry, and patient care management.
  • Telemedicine
  • Internet Health
  • Technology Tools for Public, Community, and Consumer Health
  • Computerized Patient Records and Healthcare Informatics
  • New Drug and Vaccine Development, and the Human Genome Project
  • Biotech
  • Sensors and Imaging Technologies
  • Virtual Reality and Robotics
  • New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices

Health Tech Strategies provides government and commercial clients with a comprehensive understanding of the many policy and other external circumstances which can help shape the market for their services and products.

Our clients are changing the way we understand and deliver health care Find out how.

Health Tech Strategies is helping our clients bring health care and technology policy into strategic focus
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 Whats New:

HTS has recently produced more than 20 comprehensive Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality of Medical Records seminars throughout the nation to help guide health care and technology organizations.

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Visit http://www.nonprofitmgt.com/privacy to learn about some currently scheduled seminars near you, and to subscribe to our HIPAA List Serve.

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